Organic Facebook Reach | 20 Tips to Increase Your Audience

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world, and for good reason: it’s free, easy to use and provides a direct line of communication between brands and their customers. But if you’re looking to grow your business through Facebook, reaching potential customers isn’t as simple as just creating a page. You need to maximize your organic reach—the number of people who see your posts without paying for ads—which can be tricky if you don’t know what works best on this particular platform.

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How to increase your organic reach on Facebook - Be the Square Digital Marketing

Here are some tips on how we’ll increase your organic Facebook reach:

Post content at the right time

The best time to post on Facebook is in the morning, afternoon and evening. When your audience is online.

Facebook only shows a certain number of posts in each user’s newsfeed, so it’s important that you post when your audience is online and interacting with Facebook most often.

You should also share content at different times of day because people have different daily routines: some are more likely to be up early while others stay up late at night. This means they will be checking their social media accounts more frequently during these times than others.

Go live

Live video is the perfect way to increase organic reach on Facebook. When you go live, it’s not only a great way to connect with your audience and get feedback from them, but also a way for you to interact with them.

With the help of our team, we can help you create engaging content that will engage your followers and drive more clicks back to your site or landing page.

Create a group

  • Create a group.
  • If you don’t already have a Facebook page, create one and set up a group for your business.
  • Create a call-to-action (CTA) on your page and in the group so that people see it as soon as they join the community and throughout their experience within it.
  • Invite people to join the group: You can invite people who are part of your email list or those who have liked any of your social media pages, but most likely these will not be enough to ensure that all potential customers get invited over time.
  • Use Facebook ads to target people who match specific demographics or interests—those who are interested in organic foods or live near where you operate—and invite them directly into your community through an ad with an exclusive offer or discount code attached!

Use hashtags sparingly

When you use hashtags, it helps your posts appear in the news feeds of people who don’t already follow you. This can be a great way to reach a new audience and grow your organic reach.

But there’s a difference between using one or two hashtags and using 10 or 20. Too many hashtags can be distracting and make your post look spammy. If your post is too cluttered with hashtags, it could even get marked as low-quality content by Facebook’s algorithm—which means that fewer people will see it in their News Feeds unless they’re already followers!

We recommend limiting yourself to three relevant, targeted hashtags for each post (up to five max). You want just enough so that potential customers who want more information about what you’re selling will know how they can find more info from you on social media—but not so many that they’ll get overwhelmed by all the noise surrounding the topic of conversation at hand!

Keep your videos short and sweet

When it comes to video, keep it short and sweet. Don’t tell a story that takes 10 minutes to tell when you can get your message across in 5 seconds. Use a good thumbnail that really catches the viewers eye and directs them to your call-to-action (CTA), which should be clear on what they should do once they watch your video. Make sure you have good sound quality as well as an interesting subject matter that will inspire people to watch and share your video with their friends or colleagues.

If you are not used to working with video then we recommend using a storyboard or script before filming so that all of your messages are clear and concise, plus this will help keep things organized during filming days!

Don’t overdraft your messages

Here’s an easy way to understand how you can screw up your organic reach: Don’t overdraft your messages.

Increase Organic Facebook Reach Through Social Media Strategy - Be the Square Digital Marketing

The main reason that Facebook pages have lower organic reach is because they are “over-messaged,” which means the number of posts from a page exceeds the number of people who have shown interest in that page. If you post too much content, it becomes hard for people who have liked your page to see all of your posts in their News Feeds. This will result in a drop in engagement (likes, comments, shares) and an overall decrease in organic reach due to low visibility. It’s important not to overuse hashtags (#), links (#), emojis(🤘), videos(🎥) text(👇), photos(📷). This will help increase engagement with users who already follow you while keeping attention on those who don’t follow yet!

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Format your posts for mobile

  • Use a larger font size
  • Use a more compact layout
  • Use a smaller image size
  • Avoid scrolling
  • Include a call to action

Post longer content (when appropriate)

Longer content can help you reach more people

This is true for a few reasons. First, longer posts have the potential to go viral and reach new audiences. Second, longer posts can help you build trust with your audience by giving them more information about who you are and how you run your business. Thirdly, longer posts can also help build relationships with customers because they feel like they “know” you better after reading several of your stories or updates that are full of personality!

Reach more people with Facebook ads

Facebook ads can be very effective when used properly. They’re a great way of reaching people who have already shown an interest in your business, and they can help you reach new customers at a reasonable price.

You should start by setting up your Facebook ad, which will give you access to the following:

  • A variety of different targeting options that allow you to choose exactly who sees your ad based on demographics like age, gender, location and interests (e.g., “like” my page).
  • Customizable formats (photos/videos) so you can show off your brand identity on social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest.

After creating an ad campaign on Meta Business Suite, it’s time to get creative! You’ll need three main components for successful advertising: a catchy headline that entices viewers into clicking through; an image that catches their eye; and copy explaining what people will see if they follow the link in the post (i.e., click here). If they don’t know why they should click through right away then there won’t be any conversions so make sure this part gets plenty of attention too!

Publish more often with a consistent posting schedule

You want your audience to come back to Facebook, so you need to post at least three times per day. You also want to be consistent with when you post. If you’re expecting a new post every day at 10:30 am and 4:00 pm, then people can expect those posts and look forward to them. However, if they know they can’t rely on that schedule because sometimes there’s no new content in the morning or afternoon, they’ll lose interest in following your page.

Your posting schedule should keep it consistent so your audience knows when to expect new content from you. Publish once during the week (on Monday through Friday) and twice on weekends (Saturday/Sunday).

Post when your audience is online

A lot of people assume there’s something magical about posting at the right time, but even if you don’t have a magic clock in your head, it’s not hard to find out when your audience is online.

The best way to do this is by using Facebook Insights, which is built into every Facebook page. It gives you an overview of all your posts and what kind of engagement they garnered. Using this data, you can figure out when people are most likely to interact with your content by looking at the times on which you received the most likes, comments and shares.

Do not use too many hashtags

At the end of the day, hashtags are a great way to get more eyes on your post. But if you use too many hashtags or ones that aren’t popular, then it will hurt your organic reach. You want to be using hashtags that are relevant to your posts and also ones that aren’t overused by other companies or people in general.

Incorporate a video element into your post

Video is one of the most effective ways to attract attention and build a following on Facebook.

One of the reasons for this is that videos are more engaging than text posts, so they’re more likely to be shared among readers. But another reason that video content is so powerful is because it’s more likely to be commented on, liked, and clicked on than other types of content.

By making sure you have some sort of visual element in your post—whether it’s an image or video—you’ll increase engagement with your audience on Facebook.

Ask questions in your post and encourage comments

Ask questions.

Did you know that you can ask your Facebook audience to participate in the conversation by asking them a question? The key is to make sure that the question is relevant and helpful to the community, otherwise it won’t be answered or commented on. You could ask for feedback about something specific, like a new product launch or service offering. Or you could simply use questions as an opportunity for people to share their expertise by including questions like “What’s your favorite way of using our app?” or “How do you think we could improve our mobile experience?”

When asking questions, don’t just throw them out there without any context—provide some background information so people understand where they fit into the bigger picture. For example: “Our blog recently published a post about how companies should get started with social media marketing today; what’s one thing you would tell them?”

Include valuable content in every post

When you create a post, make sure it is valuable to your audience. Post content that tells a story and focuses on the benefits of what you’re promoting. Think about how much time your audience spends online each day and try to think about how they want to spend it.

  • Include original images or videos in every post.
  • Add links relevant to the subject matter of the post (if appropriate).
  • Use calls-to-action such as “click here” or something else that encourages people to interact with your content (e.g., take action now!).

Engage with your followers via comments, shares, and direct messages

Engage with your followers.

If you want to increase your organic Facebook reach, it’s important to engage with your followers on a regular basis. This can be done in several different ways:

  • Respond to comments and messages
  • Share posts that are relevant to your business
  • Be careful not to spam your followers

Use the power of conversation

  • Reply to comments and messages. Be active on Facebook by responding to comments, questions, and messages from your followers.
  • Reply to posts that you like. Share content from others in your niche (but not too much). This signals that you are part of the community, which can increase reach when people see you as an influencer in their space.
  • Engage with followers through conversation. Use emojis and GIFs; add personality by engaging with them on a personal level!
How to increase Organic Facebook Reach - Be the Square Digital Marketing

Post links to high-value content from influencers and similar pages

  • Post links to high-value content from influencers and similar pages.
  • When you share the posts of other influencers, you are likely to build up relationships with them. It’s always a good idea to link back to their original post so that people can find it easily. If they like your content, they will also notice that you linked back to it and be more likely to follow or engage with your page in the future.

Develop a social media calendar for promotional posts to publish during peak shopping periods like the holidays, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc

You need to be posting on Facebook at the right times.

The best time to post is when you have the most organic reach. If you don’t know when those are, then ask your audience! You can do this in a variety of ways:

  • Using a tool like Buffer ( that lets you schedule posts in advance based on what times have been proven to get more engagement and clicks from users who are most likely interested in your brand or product/service.
  • Facebook now gives you suggestions on how many people will see each post and how long it will take for all those people who saw it (or didn’t see) before they will see it again, so use that information wisely!

Create polls on Facebook to encourage users to participate in your community. Make sure the poll is relevant and avoids too much of a sales pitch approach, or it could drive away followers instead of attracting them

A poll is an excellent way to engage your audience and encourage them to participate in your community. It’s also a great way to generate content that can be repurposed as part of a Facebook ad campaign.

While it’s important to make sure the poll is relevant to your brand, it should also avoid being too salesy or use language that could turn off followers. For example, don’t ask questions like “Which product would you rather buy?” or “Which color do you prefer?” These types of questions are more appropriate for surveys than polls because they come across as pushy and promotional rather than helpful. Instead, ask questions about your company or industry that allow users an opportunity for conversation with others who share their interests (e.g., “What aspect of digital marketing do you want more information about most?”).

Make sure that any question has room at the end so users will have an opportunity to share their answer with friends before answering the question itself (a CTA like “Share this post!” works well here).

With some smarts, any business can increase their organic reach on Facebook

Organic reach is a measure of the number of people who see your posts in their newsfeeds. It’s important for any business: if you have little or no organic reach, it means that not many people are seeing your content and therefore not engaging with it. This can lead to fewer likes, comments and shares—and ultimately a lower engagement rate for your page as a whole.

To increase organic reach on Facebook, we recommend using these strategies:

  • Post regularly—at least once a day; more often is better! The more content you post (and the better quality this content is), the greater chance you’ll have of increasing the number of people seeing each post in their personal newsfeeds. We recommend posting between 9 am – 6 pm EST to ensure maximum exposure for all posts throughout that time period when most users are online at work/school etc…
  • Create high quality images — By creating visually appealing graphics that grab attention quickly will help build excitement around whatever message you’re sharing through social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram where visual appeal plays an important role in attracting new followers too!


I know this is a lot to take in. It can feel overwhelming to think about how much you have to do. But here’s the thing: you don’t need to do it all at once. You can start with one or two of these strategies and let them work their magic over time before adding more on top of them. The key is not rushing into anything; instead, focus on creating a solid foundation for your organic reach. Once that’s done, it will be easier for you to build upon as time goes by!

We love developing social media strategies that engage! If you have a project you’d like to discuss, we’re here to help! Call us on 833-277-8273 or email us

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