6 Tips on How to Create the Perfect Facebook Post

I’ve been using Facebook for years, and I’m still not sure I’ve mastered the art of the perfect Facebook post. The bottom line is this: if your content is interesting enough, people will want to share it. If people share it, then their friends see it in their newsfeeds and they might also decide to share it with their friends—and so on. This is called viral marketing, and it can help you build an audience that trusts what you have to say as well as influence potential customers or clients by establishing yourself as someone who knows what they’re talking about. So how do you create something interesting? Here are my tips for writing Facebook posts:

How to write the perfect Facebook Post.

Keep it short

In a perfect Facebook post, you want to say as much as you can with the fewest words possible. You also want to make sure that what you write is of high quality and will entice readers to engage. To do this, you need to keep it short and sweet:

  • Use a question or statement that leads into the content (like “Did anyone else hear about…” or “If you’re having trouble…”).
  • Include an interesting quote that relates well with your post.
  • Use statistics that prove your point in an engaging way (and make sure they’re accurate!).
  • Add humor where appropriate – but don’t rely on it taking up most of your post; save it for one line at the end or middle somewhere if possible!

Write a post style that shows your personality

The best way to do this is by posting in a style that shows your personality. There are so many types of posts out there and if you’re one of the millions who want to use Facebook as a tool for business, then it’s wise to show off your unique voice. You can also utilize a service such as Grammarly to help you convey your message in a professional manner.

Be yourself and write in a way that makes your audience feel like they know you personally. Your followers will appreciate hearing from the real person behind the brand, rather than just seeing an advertisement or company message every time they log into their feed.

  • Write in a conversational tone
  • Share fun facts about yourself
  • Use humor (but know when not to overdo it)

Ask to be shared

How to get people to share your Facebook post
  • Ask for shares. Don’t make it sound like you are begging, however.
  • Ask a question that might encourage people to share, such as: “What was the best thing about your day?” If someone answers, they will be more likely to share your post with their friends who will also answer the question and then they all become part of sharing your post too!
  • Use a statement or challenge that encourages people to do something or think differently: “Don’t just read this—share it!” Or perhaps something along these lines: “I bet you won’t believe what happened next…go ahead and share this story with me.”

Use images, and make them bright, colorful, and engaging

Use images, and make them bright, colorful, and engaging.

Images can be a key part of your Facebook posts if you want to increase engagement. One way to do this is by using colorful photos that are eye-catching. You can also use images with human faces in them to draw viewers’ attention and make your post seem more personal.

  • Use a variety of different types of images: For example, you could take one photo from behind the camera on an iPhone (which will likely result in an image with less detail than someone who owns a professional camera would get), or you could use an image from Google Images for free if none of your own photos are appropriate for the post topic at hand.*

When choosing whether or not it’s worth it for you to spend money on professional photography services (such as hiring a photographer), keep in mind that some people may prefer to see photos taken by someone else over those taken by yourself because they’re so beautiful! Others might prefer seeing pictures taken by yourself because they feel like they know who YOU are better than any other person could ever hope. You need to know your audience to write the perfect Facebook post.

Ask for comments, ask for feedback

The perfect Facebook post asks for comments, feedback and responses to engage your audience.

There are many ways in which you can do this:

  • Ask for comments on your product or service.
  • Ask for comments on your post.
  • Ask for comments on your brand.
  • Ask for comments on your company.
  • Ask for comments on your website (if it’s an online business).
  • Ask for comments on your blog if you have one (for other businesses too!).

Writing the perfect Facebook post takes time, but you can learn how to create one easily

The key to writing the perfect Facebook post is to make it as engaging as possible. This means writing a great headline, and including relevant images or videos. You can also include links that go to your website, which will help drive traffic there.


I hope you found this article helpful! It’s important to remember that Facebook is a social network where users engage with their friends and family. Your posts may not always be the most engaging, but if you follow these tips we guarantee they’ll be better than ever before.

We know a social media strategy can be difficult to get off the ground. But the benefits can be astonishing when done correctly. We can also help! Talk to us today about your Social Media Strategy and how we can grow your business!

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