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Develop a better digital presence with our human-focused, captivating, and future-proof method to web design

Our web design crew is the team you need to turn to whenever you need a strategic, imaginative vision to set you apart from your competitors.  Your website has an enormous opportunity to captivate and convert your users. We believe in a collaborative process where your team is involved in the creation to ensure a frictionless experience for your customers.

Our web designers immerse themselves in your industry and brand to provide a website that represents your online business while reaching your objectives and ensuring a connected experience.

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Superbly designed, purpose-driven websites that harmonize with your brand

An innovative web design that tells your company story, fastens its web presence, and acts as a place of engagement for potential clients and customers, job candidates, and other partners.  Experience Digital Consultancy with Purpose Today!

web design that drives conversions

Reach more customers with focused web design

Your digital advertising, marketing and business goals driving revenue should concentrate on the design of your website. Web design can have a strong impact on the habits of your customers.

We begin by analyzing the current influence of your present website design and create a strong user focused strategy to enhance engagement and conversions.  

With an innovative web design in place you can confidently explore options to drive traffic to your website with our SEO Services.

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your success is our success

You not buying a website, you're gaining a team

What sets us aside as a company is our capacity to combine technique, creativity, and consumer collaboration to drive significant outcomes for our clients’ brand.

Once you hire us, you’re gaining an extension of your workforce with a singular focus on your success.  Great web design is just the beginning!

web Design focused on engagement

Interactive web design that is customer focused delivers a better online experience

A successful website incorporates enticing design, and our team delivers on trendy, modern customized design elements that increases online conversions and your chances of online brand success.

Have you checked the health of your website lately?

Try our Free SEO Health Check Today!

Innovative Web Design by Be the Square
Make Your Website Work Harder

Ready to Have a Successful Online Presence?

Have a project you’d like to discuss?  Great, we’d love to hear about it!  Talk to our design team and find out why businesses love going Square!

Customers reviews

What people say?

Natalie Elizabeth
Natalie Elizabeth
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Our restaurant was looking for an updated website that incorporated video footage on the homepage representing both the atmosphere of our establishment and highlighting the experience customers receive when dining with us. Be the Square’s team was great at listening to what we wanted our brand to represent and then translating our vision into a website we can be a proud of for our business. We recommend the company to anyone looking for rebranding or updating their business profile to a mobile friendly website.
Madeleine Almering
Madeleine Almering
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If you are looking for a professional SEO team that will manage your online marketing while delivering results? Then I am pleased to highly recommend Be the Square Digital Marketing Dallas to anyone that wants a full-service solution gaining visibility on the web. I was impressed that they had been working together since 2004 so I know I had finally found a trusted service provider. Although I dealt with the Dallas office, I still had the opportunity to work with some of the Australian designers which was great fun! Love the accent and quality work-Thanks Mate!
Christopher Rasque
Christopher Rasque
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We used Be The Square for our website build and continue to use them for our maintenance on the site. Cameron and Jayson were a pleasure to work with and continue to assist us on constant changes to the site. Thanks guys!
Owen Burnett
Owen Burnett
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Cameron and Jayson were retained to enhance an existing website created to promote an existing business. Their work has significantly improved the usefulness of the existing website by making it significantly easier for potential customers to purchase the business service the website promotes. Additionally, Cameron and Jayson created a stunning business card for the business. It has received some highly favorable comments. MI rarely write reviews, but am pleased to do so for Cameron and Jayson. They provide a quality service at a fair price.
Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions
Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions
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We are very satisfied not only with the end products, but the excellent follow up in changes and corrections that come up with time and usage of the websites. With other website designers we've had problem with returning phone call let alone fixing the actual problem. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. We are 100% satisfied with everything they do.
Hans S.
Hans S.
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The team at Be the Square Digital Marketing are professional and have provided excellent customer service during the last year working together. I highly recommend the Company for both SEO and Website Design services. They exceeded my expectations!
Lisa Bogdan
Lisa Bogdan
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Our company was looking for a one stop shop agency to handle the rebranding of our company website and formulating an integrated marketing strategy that would suit both our budget and goals. We are pleased we found the team at Be the Square Digital Marketing Dallas to handle our website redesign with an ongoing managed SEO campaign. We have seen great results over the last 6 months with an increase in both our targeted traffic and customer conversions. We have appreciated their professionalism, customer service, and managing the entire process for a seamless transition. I highly recommend this company to all my business associates and friends looking for online marketing solutions. Thanks for a job well done!
Jackie Glen
Jackie Glen
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Our old website wasn't mobile friendly so we decided to do a total rebranding with new logo, updated content, and a fresh look. We couldn't be happier with the results. Be the Square was innovative, creative, and easy to work with for us. They also helped us start our social media and seo campaign which was a bonus. Thanks guys!