Why The Hero Image Matters To Small Businesses

Wouldn’t it be great to have web design that’s mobile-friendly and increases the amount of time someone stays on your webpage?

A hero image, or hero header, refers to a term in web design used to describe an over-sized banner image at the top of a website. The hero image is your first glimpse of a brand. It tells you what service the company offers. Its location is always prominently at the top of a webpage and extends full-width.

A hero image translates into conversions for businesses. The reason behind this is because a hero image allows a brand to be transparent with its call-to-action.

As a web designer, you can also use videos and animations as your hero image. But like static photos, videos and animations cannot be too large or it will slow down your website, a factor that Google uses to affect your website’s ranking.

A hero image will also feature your company’s unique selling point, or USP and a conversion goal. A conversion goal is similar to a call-to-action. A call-to-action typical makes you sign up for a product. A conversion goal is the measurement of an action a user has done on your website. Here are some examples of engaging hero images.

For example, a website asking you to sign up for a newsletter or a button asking you to click on it, to direct you to shopping for a product are calls-to-action.

In terms of user-friendliness, a hero image navigates you through content that’s easily digestible and understandable.

A hero image is user-friendly. It directs you to a desired link or call-to-action, or present your business’s value proposition at the top of the web page. Hero images on media sites and blogs can also be used to catch the visitor’s attention, and draw them into reading the article on the page.

Having high quality imagery at the top of your page can create a positive first impression with users. A hero image builds credibility for your brand because your are explicitly showing a user what service or product you specialize in.

What Should I Test For Hero Image?

A hero image must represent the main service your company provides.

Because hero images have prominent placing on your website, it’s important to test out different images to determine which picture will increase your conversion rate.

A/B testing is a method of testing websites where 50 percent of your traffic is shown the original version of your page, and the other 50 percent are shown the new version. By showing a random sample of your visitors different versions of your page, you can use data to determine which webpage converts better.

Constantly testing different images will improve your conversion rates and website experience over time.

What Are Some Tests For Hero Image?

Testing the impact of a still image and a moving image.

It is valuable in determining whether users find your visuals engaging, aesthetically pleasing, informative, or distracting. How will you know this unless you perform A/B testing? Testing a still graphic against a moving graphic (like a .gif) will give you data on your user’s preferences.

Test the impact between an interactive play video or an auto play video.

It’s common online to hear embedded audio playing without having to turn on the volume. It’s useful for sites that use video messaging to measure the importance of videos by testing whether users are clicking to activate the content, or if playing video automatically is a better option.

Test the Value Proposition of the hero image.

What type of images create a specific emotion in your website’s users? Does the emotion cause users to behave differently on your site? Again, you can discover this information, which plays into conversions, through A/B testing.

Test the focus object of the hero image.

Does the main subject of your image create a positive feeling for users that incite the call-to-actions that you want a user to make? Again, the call-to-action correlates with your brand’s bottom line.



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