Can Localized Long-Tail Keywords Improve Your Ranking?

Everyone knows the importance of creating long-tail keywords with SEO words. But do you know why its important to create long-tail keywords that are localized?

It’s been less than two years since Google announced that mobile searches has exceeded desktop queries on a global basis. StatCounter reports that traffic from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets account for 54 percent of total internet use in the U.S.

Now, recent data shows that when it comes to searching for information on the Internet, you’re results are based on whether you are using a mobile device or a desktop computer. BrightEdge reported that mobile and desktop queries produce different rankings 79 percent of the time.

Although the data hasn’t been confirmed officially by Google, a Google speaker told members of the press that the “vast majority” of search queries people are entering in Google’s search field are from a mobile device.

BrightEdge shared data that reaffirms Google’s unofficial statement, which says 57 percent of traffic among its clients comes from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

According to the findings, some categories like restaurants, experience significantly higher numbers in search results.

Can Localization Improve My Website’s Ranking?

Everyone wants to their website to rank on the first page of a search result. What does that mean in terms of your small business? This essentially means you should be creating and using long-tail keywords that are descriptive and localized which will improve your ranking.

Long-tail keywords help your website appear in a search engine results page. Accurate and descriptive long-tail keywords are likelier to appear in a SERP, which improves your website’s ranking.

When you create a long-tail keyword for meta data, it should include SEO words and provide a location.

For example, if you specialize in manicures in Fort Lauderdale you’re long-tail keywords should look like this:

  • Manicures in Fort Lauderdale
  • Pedicures in Fort Lauderdale
  • Nail salon in Fort Lauderdale
  • French manicure in Fort Lauderdale
  • Stiletto nails in Fort Lauderdale

Notice how the long-tail keywords shown above are SEO-friendly. A keyword research for ‘manicures’ would result in the words mentioned above. In all of the long-tail keywords shown, I’ve attached a location to it. Attaching a location to your long-tail keyword is important because it helps your content become localized.

Localized content is important because consumers are utilizing the Internet at such an astonishing rate for real time information that they are expecting to get localized results in search engine results page.

Thus, when you think about the type of people who are using a mobile device for a search query you must attribute the following characteristics them:

  • They are likelier to make a purchase sooner than someone who is using a desktop computer
  • They are likelier to use a voice activated search than entering a manual search
  • They expect their search queries to yield localized results

For example, when you enter ’sushi restaurants’ in Google’s search field, you expect Google to understand that you really are searching for ‘sushi restaurants in Fort Lauderdale.’ Again, you are expecting real time, localized information.

Do Localized Long-Tail Keywords Improve SERP Accuracy?

In light of Hummingbird, Google’s algorithm that’s purported as an artificial intelligence system, consumers expectations have risen in terms of search engine results page. Consumers expect Google will understand and deliver locally relevant results without specifying that intent explicitly in the query.

As a business owner who specializes in a particular service, you must use this behavior accordingly to optimize your rankings on a search engine results page.

Google says people use geo-modifiers like ZIP codes 30 percent less in local search queries. This is surprising because local search queries have actually increased.

“[D]emanding mobile users now assume they will be given locally relevant search results,” says BrightEdge. For example, while restaurant-related searches have grown by double digits over the past two years, those same searches that include a zip code qualifier have declined by over 30 percent.”

Your long-tail keywords must target consumers that are searching for localized content on a mobile device.

The recommendation is that enterprises need to optimize separately for mobile and desktop. BrightEdge says, “If brands do not track and optimize for both device channels, they are likely to misunderstand the opportunities and threats affecting them.”


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