Top 10 Reasons to Choose WordPress as Your Next Website Design Platform

For this article, we are going to focus on what website design factors we generally consider when making recommendations to our clients.

Here are our Top 10 reasons for a business to choose WordPress as their website design solution.

1. WordPress is an Open-Source Web Design Solution

Many people don’t understand the difference between an open-source and closed-source platform. An open platform is exactly what it sounds like. The platform is open to any website developer to writer code, develop an app or plug-in, and customize websites to a degree that closed-source platforms don’t allow.

In a closed-source website platform such as Squarespace, all functionalities have been tested to be compatible with the design platform and have the added benefit of being secure from hacks and viruses. The down side of the closed platform is that there is not a large capacity for customization that is available with a technology platform such as WordPress.

2. WordPress Provides an Extensive Library of Plugins for Website Design

The advantages are that you have thousands of WordPress developers providing new plug-ins, innovative apps, and increased customized functionalities for websites. If you want to have your website perform a certain task or have the latest interactive features, this type of platform will meet your technological needs.

The down side is that by being open source and being open to any developer, there is an increased need to test plug-ins, apps, and codes to ensure that they are compatible with other functionalities of the site as they don’t always work together and can break your website. A great web designer will ensure during the website build that your site will work both efficiently and effectively in the test phases prior to launching.

3. WordPress is the Mature Grand Daddy of Website Design Platforms

WordPress traces their origins back to 2001 as a replacement of the little-known blogging platform b2/cafelog for all you history tech buffs.

WordPress powers close to 20% of websites globally so is very established and not going anywhere anytime soon. Designing your business website on a platform with that kind of market share ensures that innovative plugins are being developed and released on a regular basis.


4. WordPress Has Industry Focused Themes

In saying WordPress is mature does require some clarification. Many WordPress designed websites are built on “Themes” now that has eliminated some of the custom coding of days gone by where you had to build every color and function from scratch.

This streamlined technology process has also driven down the average price of a new website from $7,500 for a basic 3 page website design in 1995 to now averaging between $2,750 for an average basic 3 page website, but expect to pay over $10K on average for a more complex site with increased functionality.

With the increased use of “Themes” for website design, you are also more reliant on receiving updates and maintaining that theme. It is important when selecting a WordPress Theme that you choose from a major theme provider that you have confidence will continue to support their product in the coming years.

We have had Client’s come to us that had a previous website designer that selected a theme that wasn’t maintained and updated consistently that is resulted in a broken site that no longer functions properly. At that stage, it is more efficient and cost effective to upgrade to a new website rather than attempt to fix the back end of an outdated theme.

5. WordPress has a Fortune 100 Reputation

If you select WordPress as your website design platform, then you are in blue chip company…pardon the pun.

WordPress has been the go-to-platform for major corporations, trusted news publications, and government departments for many years now. You are not a test subject trialling a new technology with WordPress as your selected website design platform.

6. WordPress is Multi-National in Language and Scalability

If you are a company that requires a website in different languages to reach your global customer base, then WordPress is a great solution for your business.

WordPress is a replicable technology that has themes available to customize different languages, time zones, and localized products that can suit every need of your business and customer requirements.

If this describes where your business is today or in the near foreseeable solution providing scalability, then WordPress is definitely a design platform worthy of consideration.


7. WordPress & SEO are a Technology Marriage of Wedded Bliss

Depending on your business and the competitive landscape of your industry, if you are going to require a long-term managed SEO Campaign for online visibility, then WordPress is always our recommended solution.

Due to the customization on the back end of the website, your website developer can code and tag in multiple ways integrating the keyword research for your targeted consumer market.

The long-term SEO success depends on the amount of flexibility and direct impact that your campaign manager can have on the ongoing project proves invaluable with WordPress providing a solid foundation for online success.

We have great success with our other platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify and recommend those platforms for companies that don’t have a need to invest $1K to $10K per month in an SEO campaign. Those platforms are already built with both SEO Best Practices and Mobile/Tablet/Desktop compatibility integrated into the designs providing the perfect SEO solution for SME’s with a localized search engine strategy.

But if a company has a high level of revenue from sales of a product or service dependent on website traffic and website rankings for customer conversions, they would definitely require a monthly comprehensive managed SEO campaign. For these particular clients, we generally would recommend WordPress as the long-term solution to achieve the revenue results required.

8. WordPress Can Be Designed to Be Responsive on all Devices

With over 60% of online traffic now coming from Smartphone devices, it is more important than ever that your website can be viewed effectively on mobile devices. Otherwise you could be giving up a majority of your hard-earned traffic to competitors’ websites.

We recommend to potential clients to view their website on Android phones, Apple phones, Tablets of varying sizes and traditional desktops to be aware of what type of experience their customers have when visiting their business online.

Many people are not aware of the functionality that needs to be designed into a professional website so customers can navigate with ease across all the products and services currently offered online.

We always remind our clients that research has shown you only have 6 seconds to capture an online users attention before they click off you website and onto the competition. You really only have one short chance to make a great first impression.

9. WordPress Can Be Easy to Maintain with Social Media Integration

If you integrate a great content management system into a WordPress website design, then a Client can generally maintain fresh blogs and articles themselves.

A great CMS with a built-in blogging platform can be created that allows you to post your new content to all your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Linked In with just the touch of a button.

How great is that functionality rather than having to repost each new blog individually to all your social media accounts. For great SEO rankings and success, you really need a full 360-degree integrated marketing strategy that involves consistently updating both your website and social media to maintain a presence to your followers or loyal customers. This is a great way to manage that process.


10. WordPress Provides Your Business with Total Website Control

WordPress is a browser based technology that allows for multiple users, contributors, and administrators on the company website. Each person given access to the website can have individualized levels of access depending on their ongoing function to the site.

You can assign some employees to simply be able to format new content on the backend of the website, but not have the ability to post live. That allows one centralized user to be the guardian of the gates or editor on the site so to speak, so you don’t have an inconsistent message for your brand.

Other users can be set up with more control over what changes they are authorized to make on the website. Perhaps your sales team would need access to add special promotional pricing for products or services, or the inventory control specialists may decide that certain products need to be promoted due to upcoming expiration dates.

Whatever your customized needs are for your business, WordPress has a level of specificity to your business needs that are second to none and worthy of consideration.

We hope that we have provided you with valuable information regarding the selection of WordPress as one of the options when evaluating website design platforms currently available. Business owners have a great deal of choice as we mentioned which makes the selection of what platform to invest in for your future business success in the competitive online space that much more important.

If we can provide you with professional guidance in selecting which website design platform fits your needs, whether it be Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, or even a custom designed website from scratch, please contact us at Be the Square Website Design. We look forward to speaking with you!

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