Top 10 SEO Tips To Improve Your Website’s Ranking

Business owners believe that once you build a comprehensive website that customers will rush to your site. Our clients’ number one goal is to always rank as number one in a Google search.

And we give them the hard truth: quality content that’s rooted in SEO keywords is the best way to increase your website’s ranking.

A great website is fantastic, but if no one sees your website is it really good?

A blog is a great SEO tool to that helps you add fresh, new content to your website

There’s no magic spell to do this, but you can stack the search engine deck in your favor by keeping a few SEO strategies in mind.

You can read this trusty guide that includes 25 SEO tools to increase your website’s traffic and improve productivity.

In the meanwhile, continue reading the list below for more SEO tips to improve your website’s ranking.

Be conscious of the strategies I provide when you’re building your website. Use these strategies when you’re performing the monthly maintenance of your website.

How Can Consistency Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

In order for you to achieve the number one page spot on Google, it is vital to look at your website almost like a pet. Just like your pet needs to be fed and nourished t stay healthy, so does your website.

Google’s algorithm, Hummingbird, along with its most important component,  , is constantly reading content to determine a website’s ranking. Thus, RankBrain is continuously changing your website’s rank. For your website to rank on the first page of a search result, you need to consistently manage your website.

A big part of website management is a content marketing strategy. A content marketing strategy is made up of a content strategy and social media marketing.

All of these strategies need quality content in order to effectively work. Quality content is rooted in SEO keywords.

Thus, if you want to achieve higher ranking in Google, particularly RankBrain, you must regularly create quality content that follows a strict content strategy.

Your social media marketing strategy must direct users back to your website.

For all of these strategies to work, you must be consistent and follow a schedule. Consistency is key when maintaining a website.

How Can On Topic Content Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

Search engine result pages (SERP) are  interested in quality content on your blog.

Because a blog is a part of your website, when its content gets indexed by a search engine, so does your website.

A blog is many things to different people.

Often, people perceive a blog as a writing activity similar to a journal or diary.

You should view your blog as a marketing portal for your services or product. A blog doesn’t overtly sell you a product or service like your homepage. Instead, a blog gives you information about a topic that relates to your products and services. The content typically presents an issue. Then your services or products act as the resolution to said issue.

One of the purposes of a blog is to publish content that gets indexed in a search engine results page. When this happens, the traffic to your website increases.

From the perspective of a potential customer, a blog is an informative resource.

Writing content for a blog can be difficult. You must find the right balance between selling an item and being informative. People do not like to feel like you are selling them something. Thus, when writing content for a blog, you cannot be obvious with your intention to sell a service or product.

This is why I suggest you should hire a content strategist to manage your brand’s blog. I would not recommend that you hire a writer or a blogger to write the content for your  brand’s website.

Again, a blog is important because its a space where a content strategist can create content that relates to the services or products a brand provides. The content on a business’ blog is strategic, includes a call-to-action and acts like a sales funnel.

A blog post should flow and provide relevant information to a potential consumer. The post should motivate you to take a call-to-action—whether its to make a phone call, fill out a quote request form, or book an appointment online.

A blog must be relevant to your business by giving information to your customers in a voice that is conversational yet authoritative.

When you create content (that includes engaging images) that’s consistent with the theme of your business, you will increase your website’s conversion rate.

How Can SEO Keywords Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and on-page keyword tagging.

Not only are search engines algorithms more sophisticated in 2017, but so are your online customers.

What level of trust or professionalism are you projecting to your website’s users if they come to your site and see paragraphs of keywords? Why would they take up a call-to-action on a website that has copy that doesn’t flow well due to keywords “stuffed” into every other word?

A professional web developer will understand the keyword density ratios that are appropriate for your industry. He will use SEO strategies that are appropriate for your industry. Your website needs an SEO audit before you can determine the SEO keywords you should be using.

Instead, a web designer will strategically place targeted keywords in meta data such as your website’s tag, alt tag, title, description, tagline, and category fields. H tags and alt tags helps you to integrate the right keywords that follow SEO best practices without ruining your user experience.

Your keyword research is an integral part of building an SEO-friendly website, but the copy on the pages should be conversational and easy for the end user to read.

The subject matter should flow and provide relevant information to the consumer that motivates them to make a phone call, fill out a quote request form, or book an appointment online.

How Can Internal Page Links Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

Many people confuse backlinks with internal page links when discussing SEO.

Internal page links integrated into a website design gives an essential map for search engine bots to navigate your website.

Internal page links help SERP and bots understand how your business comes together into one cohesive unit.

Internal page links are also important to your end user. They help visitors of your website look at related content on your website.

If you create a blog that discusses one of the services you offer in the main page of your website, it’s important to provide a link or roadmap to both the search engine bots and your end user.

Not only does this make your site more engaging for your customer but search engines will see how your blog is interrelated to the overall theme of your website.

How Can A Permalink Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

Has this ever happened to you? You visit a website and click on title that leads you to another page. In the domain filed in the navigation bar, you notice the landing page’s  domain name is followed by a string of numbers, instead of the title of the landing page. This example would be considered a bad permalink.

A permalink such as this is considered unattractive to an end user. It’s also frowned upon from an SEO perspective.

Permalinks are a great opportunity for a company to naturally include some of their core keywords.

A permalink describe to users and search engines the purpose of your website.

A permalink is meant to be simple and user-friendly, so you can remember it. It also acts as a signal to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm to determine your website’s ranking. RankBrain reads your permalink to determine the purpose of your website. If a search engine reads your permalink as a series of numbers, it has no idea what your website is about.

An example of an SEO-friendly permalink.

How Can Images Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

You have less than 3 seconds to grab the attention of a new user before they move on to another website.

Select images that are relevant to your website’s content and be creative in your image selection.

Once you select images that grab the attention of your customer, use SEO tools and SEO best practice strategies to let search engines bots know what information is important in that image selection.

Use long-tail keywords to fill out the meta data for your photos.

Search engine bots can’t see images like the end user. When formatting website images, describe your images in detail using long-tail keywords.

For example, lets say you selected a photo of a flower in a field. You should describe that image on the backend of the website to say: 

“Yellow flower in a field of green grass with blue sky background.”  

Let the search engines know what descriptive details are in the image so they are able to determine how the image relates to the text in the copy on your website.

How Can UX Design Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

Now that you have selected images for your website and have engaged both your visitors and  search engine bots, make sure your visual features don’t slow down your website’s loading time.

Recall, the average person spends less than 3 second viewing a website to determine if the content is important.

If your site is taking 6 seconds to load due to any of the following, you already lost a potential customer:
-Background music
-Fancy flash graphics
-High-resolution images

If this scenario is true of your website, then you are going against the elements of web design.

Your customer will never see your website’s features because he will not wait for your page to load.

You must have high-resolution images on your website for a positive end user experience.

If the image is not condensed, your page will take too much time to load.

The amount of time it takes for your page to load is one signal Hummingbird, Google’s algorithm, uses to rank your website.

Search engines penalize sites that have a negative user experience.

A winning web design will provide your customers with a visually engaging experience while still maintaining a fast page load so everyone is happy, including the search engine bots.

Most people think that if you build a website, search engines will come.

While that may be true to some extent, don’t always count on your website to be fully indexed without some work on your end.

How Can A Sitemap Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

Remember earlier when we discussed how search engine bots need to be guided by words because they can’t see?

How does a search engine crawl your website?

A search engine uses a sitemap to read your website.

A sitemap is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for web design, or a web page that lists the pages on a website, typically organized in hierarchical fashion.

If you are adding new content or build a new site without words that explain your website, search engine bots will not find your website.

Its important that search engine bots are consistently crawling your website for optimal SEO success.

Submitting a detailed sitemap will help this process when launching a website.

How Can A Blogroll Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

A great way to integrate a sitemap is by adding a blogroll (which is also referred to as a resources page or link list) on your website.  A blogroll is a way of organizing your outbound links for search engines to regularly index.

With each outbound link created from your website, you are essentially casting a “vote” for another website.

You are confirming the content of that outbound link’s website as relevant to your content.

This only benefits your website and your SEO campaign if a visitor clicks your link.

This action informs search engines know that you are a trusted authority in your industry.

This is an example of an SEO backlink strategy.

This SEO strategy is a pivotal tool increasing your website’s search engine ranking.

The rule of thumb when engaging in this activity is to add higher-ranking websites to your blogroll that are a part of your online community.

You can target websites that are in your specific industry or vertical to add in your blogroll.

How Can A Backlink Campaign Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

A backlink campaign is a great tool you can use to achieve a higher ranking in search engines.

Most people wonder why other competitors would want to link with you? The simple explanation is that inbound and outbound linking strategies really complement each other.

A backlink campaign doesn’t drive business away from your website. It attracts people in your targeted demographic.

A great SEO back linking campaign would ideally have an SEO professional dedicating 20 or more hours per month to organizing targeted websites to link back to your own website.

There are different types of backlink strategies you can engage in to increase your ranking in RankBrain.

Here is an example of a backlink campaign:
-When you write an article, cite facts by creating a hyperlink to credible reports, research and data from universities or schools. Notify the school’s marketing person and let them know that its findings was republished in your article so your URL can be shared on their social media accounts.

How Can An Anchor Text Improve Your Website’s Ranking?

An anchor text appears highlighted in a hypertext link and that can be clicked to open the target web page.

An anchor text SEO strategy links back to the keyword research we outlined earlier.

When you organize a link from a targeted website to your own website, you help determine what the other website is saying about you and your business.

By performing proper SEO keyword research for your website, you can direct the other website to include anchor text that best describes what your website is about for the search engines.

Think about it. If hundreds of websites are linking back to your own website using anchor texts to describe your business that are also SEO keywords, search engine bots will increase your ranking in SERP.

We recommend that backlinks are organized professionally by SEO experts. Novice users end up penalizing their rankings due to either joining link farms or banned sites unknowingly.

When all parts of a complete SEO campaign are performed together and strategically on a monthly basis, your business is set up for future online success!

If you are interested in learning more about how SEO can make a difference to your business, contact the Be the Square Website Design team for a no obligation consultation.

We are here to answer any questions on your specific business model and formulate a customized strategy that will bring your website to the next level.



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