If you build it, they will come. But not without a little help from SEO.

Without a focused SEO campaign, your website will not generate leads.

Our team at Be The Square has a strong understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), a tool that we use as a foundation for all of our services.

An important part of a web design strategy is to make sure that your business will be found in the search engine results page (SERP).


Ready For More Traffic?

It's no surprise that increased traffic will lead to an increase in conversions

  • Identify

  • Research

  • Optimize

  • Analyze

SEO Process

We will go through your site looking for optimization opportunities.  We will analyze your website's code and identify areas of improvement.

We will research search trends, search volumes, and competition for keywords based on your industry.  We will deliver a targeted set of keywords that will increase your traffic and conversions.

We will analyze your competition, and evaluate their own SEO strategies and their pitfalls.  During this process we may even find some competitors to which you were previously unaware.

This is the technical part of our process.  We will optimize your websites code, add and or replace tags, and fix any dirty code that could be affecting your rankings.  We will also look at increasing your website load time by implementing image optimization techniques as we all site compression techniques.

We will share your site with social bookmarking sites across the internet.  These social bookmarking techniques can increase your referral traffic and can also have a positive affect on your rankings.

We will research, create and share guest blogs on top social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to acquire social votes.

We will write SEO friendly articles and syndicate them across relevant domains featuring informational content.

We will submit your business to top authority local directories, review sites and social networks to get your business maximum exposure.

We will develop a link building strategy utilizing website sharing on social media as well as a cohesive traditional backlinking strategy to deliver authoritative links.  Our strategy will increase relevancy and user conversions.

We will create Press Releases based on newsworthy information and distribute them across authority PR networks.  

We will send you weekly reports which will include the work done in the last week along with the current performance of the website.  

Get The Visibility Your Website Deserves!

SEO helps grow your brand’s visibility online through organic search engine results.

An effective website is based in SEO. Search engines read the SEO-rich content and direct traffic to the website.


We aim to free brands from wasting money on expensive paid search campaigns (PPC) through our SEO campaigns. A proper SEO campaign is in-depth and thorough. It involves a multitude of strategies with the aim of organically increasing your ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

A focused SEO strategy increases your brand’s chances of rising to the top of a search engine results page(SERP). Organic search results are listings that appear because a search engine, such as Google or Bing, has deemed them relevant to a topic a person has entered in the search bar.

An effective SEO strategy is what separates a viable business from competitors. Our SEO strategies, which we implement in web design, social media marketing and content strategy sets a precedence for building your brand’s awareness. 

Our SEO knowledge will drive traffic to your website. We use SEO data to make your website informative and easy to navigate for potential clients.

We help your business establish a credible presence in search engine result pages (SERPs) that will improve your ranking with RankBrain, one of the most important component of Google Analytics to rank websites.

70% of Users Click and Trust Organic Search Results - NOT Paid.

- Search Engine Journal

Dedicated Support

With Be the Square Website Design you are never alone!  We truly feel that we become part of your extended company family.  Your success is our success!  

You will be assigned a Dedicated SEO Campaign Manager who will work closely with you to organize all the back-end teams and to help you look behind all the data.  You will truly feel as though you have a new department within your business!

Are You Ready To Generate More Sales & Leads Than Ever Before?

Reach out we can have a chat on how SEO can benefit your ROI and brand visibility

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