How To: Create A Business Facebook Page

If you want to gain more visibility and attract new traffic to your business, you should start a Facebook Business Page.

We’ve already discussed why you need a LinkedIn Business Page. This article will explain the importance of a Facebook Business Page.

According to Facebook, more than 1.1 billion people use Facebook on mobile every day. Currently, there are more than 60 million active Facebook Business Pages on the social media platform. Moreover,  over 1 billion people use Messenger, automatically integrated with every Facebook Business Page, to connect with a person or business every month.

A Facebook Business Page strengthens your brand’s credibility in the digital space and in the real world. A Facebook Business Page has other advantages as well.

Your Facebook Business Page allows you to connect with people. The most important aspect of Facebook is engagement. This means that the main purpose of doing any activity on Facebook is to foster engagement.

The people you connect with on Facebook are your potential customers. They may want to buy a product from you or share your services with someone in their network. When people like your page, you can tell them what’s new with your business, share interesting articles you think they would enjoy, and respond to their posts on your page.

A Facebook Business Page also lets you gauge your customers wants and needs. Through their interaction with your page, you can learn which of your products are really popular with your customers. You can also learn which topics they’re prefer reading about.

A Facebook Business Page is a great platform for a small business that relies on local patrons to keep their business booming. A Facebook Business Page solidifies your brand or business as part of your local community. Your page can offer discounts and promotions and promote new products or services.

The best way to utilize your Facebook Business Page is to have the majority of the posts you create link back to your actual website that highlights your services, business or brand.

People who are interested in your Facebook Business Page can easily link to your site or find your store from the information on your page. Having a Facebook Business Page helps more people locate your brand or business when they search a query that relates to you.

It acts as a marketing tool because it lets you connect with potential customers.

This article will give you a quick overview on creating a Facebook Business Page. It will also give you insight on strategies you can utilize that will help you manage your Facebook Business Page so you can effectively increase your reach.


The first step in creating a Facebook Business Page is to create a personal Facebook account. A Facebook Business Page is always associated with a personal account. If you have another Facebook Business Page on Facebook that you’ve abandoned consider deleting it or revamping it. While creating a Facebook Business Page, if Facebook finds a duplicate page, you will not be able to create a new Facebook Business Page.

A Facebook Business Page helps you separate your personal life from your brand, business or service.

If you are worried about mixing your business with your personal life, don’t be. People that like your business page won’t be able to see anything from your personal page and vice versa. You also don’t have to worry about accidentally posting personal things to your business account. Since you have to be on your business page in order to post from it, you will be able to immediately tell if you are posting from your business page.

A rule of thumb when creating your personal Facebook page is to fill out all sections including meta data specifically the about and profile fields.


Once you log in to your Facebook account, you will be able to create a Facebook Business Page. Navigate to the top right hand corner of your personal account. You will see an arrow that you can click on in order to create your page that says, ‘Create Page Facebook.’

Choose which category your brand, business or service fits into based on the following options:

-Local Business or Place
-Company, Organization, or Institution
-Brand or Product
-Artist, Band or Public Figure
-Cause or Community

You can also convert your Facebook profile into a Business Page.


You can turn on messaging for your Page so people can send private messages to your business to ask questions, get in touch or make suggestions.

To make your Page more useful for people, you can also add special content to your Facebook Page, to display your food or drink menu, list your services or showcase your products with a shop section.


The business information section which includes categories, description, and website is arguably the most important part when filling out your Facebook Business Page. This section is what people will read to determine if the product or service you offer relates to their needs. People will determine if you’re a reputable business based on the wording and tone you use.

It’s imperative that you write your content in a voice that is authoritative and professional. I suggest writing the content for this section beforehand on a Word or TextEdit document.

You can utilize keyword research so you can know which SEO words to use in your content. Using SEO words in your content for Facebook strengthens your credibility in the your subject matter. Adding SEO words in content you create for Facebook also attracts your targeted demographic.

When you’re writing a description of your business, remember to keep it short and sweet. Brevity and conciseness are the very important when writing for Facebook.

Again, its very important that you fill out every field in your Facebook Business Page. That includes meta data such as the following sections:

Hours: Include your hours so people know when you’re open.

Price Range: Facebook gives you the option to choose from 1-4 dollar signs

Services: You can add the services you provide along with price, description and a photo

Create A Button: This is a very beneficial tool to use on your Facebook Business Page. This tool functions like a call-to-action. Your call-to-action is the action you want people to take when they visit your Facebook page.

The type of button you create should align with the action you want someone to make once she arrives to your Facebook Business Page. Choose a button to include on your page. Available button options include book now, call now, contact us, or send message. You can link this button to a specific page on your website to drive traffic to your site.

Another important aspect of the business information section is obtaining a verification badge. A verification badge assures to people that you’re a real establishment that is authorized to represent your business.


When it comes to choosing a profile picture for your Facebook Business Page, follow the principles of web design.

The photo should be beautiful, stunning and relate to your brand, business or service.

Facebook suggests using a picture of your actual product or a photo that alludes to the service(s) you offer. You can also use a picture of your logo. If you want to use a photo of yourself, its only acceptable if the photo relates to your business, brand or service.

Remember, you don’t want to confuse people with an image that tells a different story from your content.

Ask yourself the following questions when choosing a photo as your profile picture:
-Is this photo visually stunning?
-Does this photo grab my attention?
-Is this representative of my brand or business?
-Is this photo a high resolution shot with the dimensions of 180 x 180 px?

These guidelines, except the dimensions, also apply to your profile picture. Your cover photo should be 851 pixels by 315 pixels. If you are having trouble finding a cover image, you can create one for free using Canva.


Facebook will ask you to add your Facebook Business Page to your Favorites. Agree to do this so you can easily access your Facebook Business Page from your homepage.


One of the many reasons why you should view Facebook as a marketing tool is because it allows you to target your audience. Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook lets you customize who you want to include within your company’s reach.

For example, if you own a nail salon in New York, you can choose to have your page audience be women ages 13-65+ that are located in New York.

For other businesses, like a restaurant, you may only want to use the location filter.

Be careful not to drastically reduce your reach. For example, you can also target your audience based on people’s interests. But that will likely limit your exposure on Facebook since many people don’t include all of their interests on their Facebook page.

Now that you have created your Facebook Business Page, you’re not done yet.


Once you’re Facebook Business Page has gone live start a routine posting schedule. Post content at least once every hour and engage with other people’s posts.

A rule of thumb when engaging on Facebook as a brand is to keep your tone professional, friendly and on-topic. Engage with posts that are similar to your brand’s topic.

Once you’ve done this consistently, allowing your likes and followers to grow, invite your friends to like your page.

Let people know that you have a page for your business. A page with no likes does not seem legitimate, so get your friends and family to like your page to help spread the word.

Sharing photos and updates keeps your Facebook Business Page fresh for visitors and helps you keep in touch with customers. The same content strategy you use for your website can be you used for your Facebook Business Page.

Utilizing the same content strategy helps align the content on your website with the content on your Facebook Business Page.

When you write a post on your Facebook Business Page, its beneficial for you to make the post link back to your website.

Not all of your posts will be about your business or brand. You can make your posts meaningful by sharing content related to your industry.

When you use SEO keywords in your content on the Internet, it helps get your landing page indexed on Google.

SEO keywords improves your ranking on RankBrain and affects  Google’s algorithm, Hummingbird. Ranking on the first page of Google can be difficult for small business websites.

The good news is that having your business listed on Facebook increases your chance of your business having a spot on the first page.

Use Page Insights to track how many people you’re reaching with your post. The Page Insights will let you see which content people are responding to on your page. Seeing how your Page is performing can help you further define your content strategy and understand how your Page helps you accomplish your business goals.


When it comes to Facebook ads, you can choose to advertise a post or an event. A rule of thumb is to advertise your top performing post so you can monitor its metrics.

Make sure the post has a link that takes a visitor back to your website’s homepage. Advertising is appealing because you can target an extremely specific audience. Your ads are shown to precisely the people you need to reach – not just some vague demographic.



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