How To Use A YouTube Content Strategy

Adding YouTube videos to a content strategy can strengthen your marketing so your brand gets more exposure.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and third most visited site after Google and Facebook. From a marketing standpoint, you’re target audience is somewhere on YouTube. You just need to create the right type of content that resonates with them to grow your channel.

RankBrain, which is a part of Hummingbird, Google’s algorithm for ranking your website, uses videos as a signal to rank your site.

This means a video can be used to determine whether the content on your webpage appears as an organic search engine results page.

Just like LinkedIn or Facebook, there are best practices you must utilize in order to get the results you want from YouTube.

For the most part, people who create content for YouTube, known as YouTubers, want views. YouTubers want you to watch their videos and share it. They want you to comment about their videos.

From a business standpoint, you want more than views. You want people to buy your product or service. Continue reading below for tips on how to incorporate a YouTube videos into your content marketing strategy.


Does Your Video Include A Sales Funnel?

Instead of trying to build a huge channel with millions of views and subscribers, you should focus on creating a sales funnel in your content marketing strategy.

An effective sales funnel is rooted in quality content. A sales funnel is a marketing system that’s considered an ideal process you make your customers experience as they go from a prospective consumer to a lead that converts to an actual sale.

When you create a sales funnel that takes viewers from your YouTube video to a clickable link that leads to a product or service on your website, you’ve succeeded in making a YouTuber leave the platform to go on your site.


What’s The Purpose Of Your YouTube Video?

When it comes to creating videos for a YouTube marketing strategy, you must follow the three Ps: platform, purpose and people.

When you repurpose videos from another platform, it defeats the purpose of YouTubers engaging with your content. YouTubers want to engage with your video through the comments section.

When you repurpose a video to YouTube instead of creating an original video specifically for YouTube’s community, you’re telling YouTubers that you don’t care enough to create content for them.

Your YouTube video must have a purpose. Making a video for YouTube follows some of the same principles of creating a content strategy. Your content strategy for YouTube must be rooted in SEO keywords and quality content.

Thus, your video must align with your brand’s goals and consumers’ wants.

For example, when you write an article that’s part of a content strategy, your articles must have a call-to-action. The call-to-action can be to sign up for a newsletter, subscribe to your channel or both.

As you can see, your YouTube video must be part of a bigger plan.

For example, let’s say you wrote an article about the five best styling tips that will make your wardrobe appear modern.

Now, you want to leverage your article’s popularity by creating a video that has the same message but in a highly visual way.

Before you make a video for YouTube, consider your resources.

Attractive, visually stunning videos that use words to help guide the video along images are very popular on YouTube.

The content for your video will be the same content from the article you wrote. You will dissect each main point from your article and discuss it in a friendly, conversational tone.

In this scenario it would be beneficial to create a How To video.



What Type Of Video Should I Create For YouTube?

Video marketing is a powerful medium that uses videos to incite a reaction from customers. Data shows that 43 percent of users want to see more video content from marketers.

Wouldn’t you want to tap into that audience?

When you make a video for YouTube, you must communicate your message clearly. Thus, your videos on YouTube should follow the three Es: Encourage, Educate and Entertain.

Not all videos are created equally on YouTube. YouTube has 20 types of videos that perform well within the community.

When it comes to brands, the following types of videos get the most views on YouTube:

How To/Tutorial: A video that shows you how to complete a specific task featuring the ingredients necessary to do so. A how to video doesn’t necessarily need to show a person. It can be images like a slideshow. (Here’s an example of a graphic design tutorial video.)

Product Review: A video that gives an honest review about a product. (Here’s an example of a product review video.)

Q&A/FAQ: A video that centers on answering the top questions about a specific topic. The video can also focus on answering questions submitted by users. (Here’s an example of a Q&A video.)

Educational: A video that explains a concept. idea or provides information in a simplistic manner. (Here’s an example of an educational video.)

Does Your Video Have A Call-To-Action?

But you’re not done yet. You’re YouTube video must have a call-to-action. Your video should also encourage engagement. Ask your audience a question about the topic. Ask the audience what other topic would they like you to discuss?

Remember, YouTube is its own community that loves to engage.

The types of videos you make should be specific to your company.

If there’s someone who’s comfortable on camera as your spokesperson, that’s great, since communicating eyeball to eyeball is the best way to build a relationship with your audience.

If there’s no one to participate on camera, just use audio and graphics.

TubeBuddy publishes tutorial videos without a single face in them. Instead they use screen captures, PowerPoint and typography to answer questions from TubeBuddy software users.

The point of being on YouTube is to carve out a very specific audience that you can serve through the video medium. Your content will attract your brand’s targeted audience.

Focus on one call to action per video. You might make 10 videos that are all designed to build a list, and then 20 videos that are designed to get new subscribers.



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