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Why Do You Need Content Marketing?

Buyers are searching for products/services that fit their individual requirements.   Targeted content can help buyers find answers and enable you to direct prospects to solutions for their business problems that you provide.

We are experts with over 15 years of internet marketing experience helping businesses like yours determine how to take your audience from prospects to buyers.

How Can Content Marketing Services Help You Get More Customers?

Content marketing creates signals across the web that build credibility and authority with your online audience. In addition to the many SEO benefits of content marketing for backlinks, it can be used as a means to connect on an emotional level with your customers that supports other digital marketing strategies.

How Can Marketing Help You?

A cohesive content marketing strategy is essential for success. Without it, you’re throwing strategies against the wall and seeing what sticks. We can work with you to determine the best approach to content marketing for your business.

Ready to find out why content is King?

Not utilizing the power of a proper content strategy?  Contact us and find out how you can use content to drive traffic and sales.

  • Research

  • Create

  • Publish

  • Distribute

  • Engage

  • Convert

Planning & Strategy

An essential component to any marketing mix, a content marketing strategy should be developed based on business objectives and audience targeting. Our approach is focused on deploying integrated content tactics to create a meaningful and engaging experience for B2B and B2C audiences alike. Once a content marketing strategy has been developed, it is key to document a content plan that takes into account audience needs, keyword targets and topics that your brand represents online.

Our team at Be the Square is focused on developing cohesive but flexible content plans and road-maps to serve the needs of your target audience.

Creation & Performance

Knowing that you need to create a metric of quality content and having the in-house capacity to deliver on a consistent basis are often two different things. Be the Square partners with your business to develop high-quality content to attract, engage and convert your audience. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand why your previous content efforts didn’t perform to maximum potential.

We believe the key to developing successful content is knowing why we have adopted a particular strategy for your business. We take a very data driven approach to content performance which enables us to uncover potential opportunities for improving content performance by improving readability, rankings and the overall customer’s online experience.

Our team also has expertise in creating targeted content for


Website Content

Email Marketing


Social Media Content

Press Releases

White Papers

Case Studies

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