10 Websites You Can Use to Re-Publish Content

Re-publishing content benefits your brand or business. The more your content appears on different websites, the better it is for your brand or business.

When your content appears on different websites it strengthens your credibility as a business owner or entrepreneur. Re-publishing content on various platforms is a form of branding.

A content strategist can utilize many digital publishing platforms to re-publish her work.

When you re-publish your content marketing strategy on other digital publishing platforms, it increases your chance of your content appearing in a search engine results page. When you re-publish content on another website and add a link to your website, it drives targeted traffic back to your homepage. Thus, re-publishing content all over the Internet can increase traffic to your website.

Think about it from a consumer’s perspective.

You visit a website based on your search engine results page. Let’s say you entered ‘orange concealer for dark skin’ in Google’s search field. The landing pages that appear are based on signals that indicate to Google’s algorithm, Hummingbird, that this content relates to your query. You click on one or three websites and you make a decision as to which product you will buy. You may even bookmark the landing page and return to it later to buy the product. All-in-all, people who are searching for a query on the Internet are more prepared to buy a service or product if it aligns with their needs.

One study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America shows that your search query or what you’re searching online can predict your collective future behavior days or weeks in advance.

A publishing platform lets you build a targeted demographic (ex. following) that also functions as potential consumers.

People who are using a search query to find your website are likely to place an order online sooner than people who visit a brick and mortar store.

A ground breaking study by Dan Frankowski of Pinterest and Caroline Lo and Jure Leskovec of Stanford University explored the behavior of consumers online that leads to purchasing.

What are the signals your average consumer exhibits online that leads to placing an order? The findings answer this question and more.

Understanding Behaviors That Lead To Purchasing: A Case Study Of Pinterest shows that users with long-term purchasing intent tend to save and clickthrough on more content.

However, once a potential consumer comes closer to finalizing her order, she shifts from viewing saved bookmarks to looking up searches. The study also revealed that purchase signals in online behavior can exist weeks before an actual buy is made.

Again, you want to draw these people back to your website by publishing quality content that relates to their needs.

Continue reading below for 10 websites you can use to re-publish your content to increase traffic to your homepage.


Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website that’s a great source for potential traffic. You can post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Tumblr’s users also have the ability to follow other users’ blogs, as well as make their blogs private. Users can like a post, reblog it, or reblog it with their own commentary.  One of Tumblr’s primary feature is the “reblog” function that lets you copy a piece of content over to your own blog and share it with your followers. Its similar to a social media platform because it encourages engagement.


Kinja is a free online news aggregator. It is operated by Gizmodo Media Group. Kinja has a large community of established writers.


Svbtle is a publishing platform that refers to itself as “a blogging platform designed to help you think.” Subtle boldly promises “that your published content will remain online forever.” The writing and reading network lets you write your articles using shorthand formatting when your short on time. Svbtle gives you a clean, white space to read content.


Medium, the site from Twitter’s co-founder, Ev Williams, is five years old and the go-to site for publishing content for writers who need their byline in a popular platform. Medium is a blogging platform and a content management system. It attracts reputable writers you may have seen published in The Atlantic or The New Yorker and novices taking a creative writing course. Medium encourages users to tell stories that people will read.  You can track who reads your story. Medium shows you how a reader was referred to your article. Thus, longform content does very well on the publishing platform.


LinkedIn lets you create articles that will appear in your connections’ notifications. The benefit of republishing your blog content on LinkedIn is that your connections will be notified about your LinkedIn article. When your articles on LinkedIn links a reader to your website, it benefits you. The more professionals you are connected with, the more they will click and read your post from their notification page.


Quora is a Q&A site. You help someone by giving detailed, quality information. Quora’s blogging function lets you show your knowledge about a specific topic by answering a question. Like most publishing platforms, you can build a following on Quora that you can direct back to your website.

Quora, like LinkedIn, acts as a platform to for you to give expertise advice. The key to answering questions on Quora is to make your solution genuine and not self-serving. When you’re answering your questions, make sure your key points directly answer the actual question that was asked. You can add a hyperlink to your website so readers can click through for more in-depth information. Posts to give detail information along with hyperlinks perform well on Quora. .


Publishing your content on Google+ gives you exposure. When you publish an article on Google+ you can boost your exposure in search engine results page. You can increase your individual authority as an author on Google+. When you publish content on Google+ it improves your ranking. Because of Google’s overall reach, you have more potential to increase traffic to your website.


Think of SlideShare as an extension of LinkedIn. SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn, one of the top 200 most popular websites in the world. You can take your well-performing ‘how-to’ or guide articles and turn it into a presentation. SlideShare is beneficial because it lets you add a call-to-action to it. A popular call-to-action is a link to your website. You can embed your SlideShare presentation back on your blog. Experts say a SlideShare presentation can potentially reduce your bounce rate and help boost your search engine ranking.


LinkedIn Pulse

There’s a reason why LinkedIn Pulse is referred to as a “content marketer’s ‘secret weapon.” It delivers a large amount of traffic. The platform is a goldmine for attracting traffic for articles that part of an integrated content marketing strategy. For example, a typical article on Pulse attracts thousands of views within just a few days.


Pinterest is great for simplifying content. You can take a high performing post and translate into an easy, readable infographic on Pinterest. If you’re wondering how to use Pinterest for your business, you can start by simply pinning the Featured Image for your blog post each time you publish.

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